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Transformations 2 Sustainability

This programme will contribute to re-structuring the broad field of sustainability research to place social science at the heart of interdisciplinary research that will contribute to a step change in scale and scope for research programming on this topic.

Annexes Note: This table shows whether funding agencies are able to fund researchers from low- and middle- income countries and non-academic partners. It serves as an introduction to the national annexes in Appendix 1 of the Call for Proposals; please consult Appendix 1 of the Call for Proposalsa for the detailed eligibility criteria per funding agency and contact the national contact person for more information.
Country Agency Total amount of Funding Max. amount per project Possibility to fund researchers from low- and middle- income countries Possibility to fund non-researchers
Belgium-Flanders FWO € 300,000 € 150,000 Not possible Not possible
Belgium-Wallonia & Brussels Federation FNRS € 200,000 € 200,000 Not possible Not possible
Brazil FAPESP € 600,000 € 200,000 Not possible Not possible
Chinese Taipei MOST € 1,000,000 € 225,000 Not possible Not possible
Finland AKA € 380,000 € 190,000 Not possible Not possible
France ANR € 800,000 € 300,000 Only travel costs Possible
Germany BMBF/DLR € 1,000,000 € - Not possible Possible
Ireland IRC € 380,000 € 182,500 Not possible Not possible
Japan JST € 500,000 € 200,000 Only travel costs Only travel costs
Latvia VIAA € 180,000 € 180,000 Not possible Not possible
Luxembourg FNR € 500,000 € 250,000 Not possible Not possible
Netherlands NWO € 750,000 € 250,000 Only travel costs Only travel costs
Norway RCN € 440,000 € 220,000 Possible Possible
Slovenia ARRS € 150,000 € 150,000 Not possible Not possible
Sweden VR € 500,000 € 250,000 Possible Possible
Switzerland SNSF € 825,000 € 450,000 Possible Possible
United Kingdom ESRC € 1,900,000 € 500,000 Possible Possible
USA NSF € 450,000 € 180,000 Under conditions Possible
Low- and lower-middle income countries ISSC € 500,000 € 125,000 Low- and lower-middle income countries only. The ISSC will fund a maximum of one national research team in a low- or lower-middle-income country per project. Possible
Mountains As Sentinels of Change

This call aims at fostering research on climate, environmental and related societal change in mountain regions, considering both new measurements, recovery of existing data, and the development and use of integrated modelling strategies by adopting a strong transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach.

Funding Agency National Contact Point E-mail Provisional Funds Committed
ANR (France) Johann Muller 1 M€
CNR-DTA (Italy) Simona Longo / Veronica Giuliano cra-mountain@CNR.IT 0.5 M€
DFG (Germany) Harald Leisch 1.5 M€
FAPESP (Brazil) Alexandre Roccatto 1 M€
NSFC (China) LIU Zhe,
ZHANG Yongtao
1 M€
NSF (USA) Maria Uhle 3 M€
Climate Services

This call aims to contribute to the overall challenge of developing climate services with a focus on interregional linkages role in climate variability and predictability. Major impediments indeed still exist having efficient climate services at regional and local leave, because of little or poorly understood climate processes (in part caused by a paucity of observations, inadequate dissemination of scientific knowledge, conflicts between climatic and non-climatic stressors and lack of action by decision makers and the human society at large.

Project should address one or more of the following topic*:
  • Topic 1 - Understanding past and current variability and trends of regional extremes
  • Topic 2 - Predictability and prediction skills for near-future variability and trends of regional extremes
  • Topic 3 - Co-construction of near term forecast products with users

Funding Agency Acronym Country Funds committed
Topics* Annex National Contact Point
Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economics BMWFW Austria 400 1,2,3 Here Elisabeth Worliczek
São Paulo Research Foundation FAPESP Brazil 1000 1,2,3 Here Alexandre Roccatto
National Natural Science Foundation of China NSFC China 1000 1,2,3 Here LIU Zhe
ZHANG Yongtao
National Research Agency ANR France Up to 2000 1,2,3 Here Johann Müller
Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF Germany Up to 2000 1,2 Here Armin Mathes
Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India MoES India Up to 2000 1,2 Here K. Satheesan
Japan Science and Technology Agency JST Japan 500 1,2,3 Here Shinji Kanayama
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology MEXT
Research Council of Norway RCN Norway 1,700 1,2,3 Here Herman Farbrot
Qatar National Research Fund QNRF Qatar Up to 2000 1,2,3 Here Philippe Freyssinet
Rekha Pillai
Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning FORMAS Sweden 500 1,2,3 Here Lisa Almesjö
Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research NWO The Netherlands 500 1,2,3 Here Josef Stuefer
Natural Environment Research Council NERC UK 1,500 1,2 Here Matt Dobson

Final distribution will depend on the number and quality of proposals received and the results of the assessment process.
Arctic Observing and Research for Sustainability

Through this Call for Proposals on Arctic Observing and Research for Sustainability ("Arctic Call"), the Belmont Forum seeks to bring together integrated teams of natural scientists, social scientists, and stakeholders to develop projects that utilize existing Arctic observing systems, data sets and models to evaluate key sustainability challenges and opportunities in the Arctic region across one or more of four possible themes.

Annex Contact Contribution Other Restrictions
(see annex for all
Canada NSERC Dave Bowen ? 600,000 Types 1 and 2 only; Themes 1-3 only
Canada SSHRC Mika Oehling In-Kind  
China NSFC LIU Zhe
ZHANG Yongtao
?1 Million Types 1 and 2 only; Themes 1-3 only
France CNRS Denis-Didier Rousseau In-Kind  
France ANR Johann Muller ?1 Million Types 1 and 3 only
Germany BMBF Andrea Heyn In-Kind  
Iceland RANNIS Thorsteinn Gunnarsson In-Kind  
India S. Rajan
R. Venkatesan
Italy CNR Angelo Viola ?200,000 and in-kind  
Japan JST Hisaya Kakiuchi ? 500,000  
Norway Torill Engen Skaugen ?1 Million  
NordForsk Marianne Røgeberg ? 245,000  
Russia RFBR Yaroslav Sorokotyaga ?1 Million Themes 1-2 only
US BOEM Guillermo Auad ?360,000 in-kind  
US NSF Erica Key
Maria Uhle
?11 Million  
Biodiversity Futures: Projecting Changes in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for Decision-Making

The objective of this call ("Biodiversity2014") is to stimulate the formation of international networks of scientists and the advancement of the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary methodologies of scenario-building needed to enhance usefulness of biodiversity scenarios in decision-making.

Proposals for one to two-year networking projects can be submitted on the Belmont Forum?s submission portal ( between June 9, 2014 and July 2, 2014.

The Belmont Forum plans opening a second call in 2017, on the same topic, for international collaborative research projects, possibly in partnership with other funding bodies such as the European network BiodivERsA.

Country Annex Provisional Funds
Committed M?
National Contact Point
Australia CSIRO 0.2 In-Kind Jenny Baxter
Brazil FAPESP 0.5 Reynaldo Luiz Victoria
Alexandre Roccatto
China NSFC .5 Prof. Yongtao Zhang
France ANR 0.5 Johann Müller
Germany DFG 0.2 Meike Teschke
India MoES 0.15 Dr. G. V. M. Gupta
Japan MEXT/JST 0.2 Martin Gadsden
Norway RCN 0.15 Per Backe-Hansen
South Africa NRF 0.5 Jonathan Diederiks